GameRunner is an Openmoko Linux distribution. It aims to convert the Freerunner open mobile phone into a Linux-based handheld game console. It is simple, and contains cool open source games suitable for Linux mobile devices.

New 0.3 Version Available!


To understand GameRunner, you must first understand IT IS NOT A DISTRIBUTION FOR PHONE APPLICATIONS. The aim of GameRunner is to turn the Freerunner device into a handheld gaming console. Think in it like a dingo with dingux and an File Archive.

GameRunner runs off the MicroSD card, so you can switch to it every time you want to play some games, and after that just switch back to your regular distribution.

In the GameRunner, there are no GUI libraries, no window managers, no telephony or GPS applications. We want to keep it small and simple - just Xglamo + game launcher menu. For the full hardware support, please use another distribution, like SHR, qtmoko, Debian or Hackable1.

Test it!

GameRunner has 20+ cool games ready to play. You will find known games for Openmoko plus new ones, like Quake1, TecnoBallZ, GNURobbo, Block Rage, Powder and Tyrian21.

Download and install the current Version and Check the complete list of games with instructions about how to play.

Contact Us

Use the Forums to give us suggestions, ask for new games or help. If you want contribute read the Documentation page and contact us (Artur Rojek and Rafael Zurita) at Forums.