GameRunner : Download and Installation

Current version is 0.3 (Feb 2011).

Files for microSD

Files for NAND


Installing GameRunner on your MicroSD Card (*)

At least, a 1GB MicroSD is required. If your MicroSD is < 1GB then you can install the minimal rootfs, and install specific games manually. Check the Documentation page for that.

* If you use uBoot, you need to create two partitions. First partition, not so big, in FAT16 or ext2 where you have to place the kernel file (uImage.bin) and second partition in ext2 where you have to uncompress the filesystem file (gamerunner-rootfs-X.Y.tar.gz). Some uBoot version reads the "uimage" kernel image file (yes, without .bin and "i", no "I").

* If you use Qi, you only need an ext2 partition into your µSD Card where you uncompress the filesystem image file (gamerunner-rootfs-X.Y.tar.gz).

Please visit links below for detailed information and tips:

Installing GameRunner on NAND (*)

Download the files for NAND. Then ..

We have tested the NAND image using this qi-s3c2442-master-hist_3b8513d8b3d9615e.udfu as bootlader.

Booting (*)

* If you use uBoot, press the AUX button, and then the power button shortly to start the phone boot menu. Select "Boot from MicroSD FAT+ext2" option, using AUX button to move between options. Then, press power button to start the system.

* If you use Qi just press the power button to start the boot process.

The first boot after a new installation always takes a bit longer. Normal boot takes 15 secons with Qi, and 30 seconds with uBoot.

Now check out the complete list of games and learn how to play

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at Forums.

(*) This short howto install is a modified version of SHR wiki instructions at